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D-2 Stalker
Concealment System  
Thank you for your interest in the D-2 Concealment system. It is important to note the D-2 is not a jumpsuit made from camouflage, it is a multiple use total "Concealment System" that has stirred great interest in the Law Enforcement, Military, and Hunting areas.  
The D-2 Stalker totally breaks up the form of the human body, as well as concealing the body in highly elusive material...the primary objective of camouflage. Other products are merely body suits sewn from camouflage material. While they may be excellent material, it is no better than a standard set of BDUs, the shadows of the body remain visible.
The D-2 can be utilized in three different ways. This system does not limit you to one application, as body suits do. Along with mobile configurations, the D-2 allows the user to use it as a blind, by hanging the material and hiding behind it if they choose.
The D-2 is actually built into the fanny pack, providing the user with the newest and finest camouflage system available, as well as a way to carry it and store it. Total unit weight is approximately two pounds.
Complete range of motion is not compromised, nor are load bearing capabilities.
Deployment time is in two minutes or less, and the system can be shed effortlessly in 10 seconds or less.
Manufactured with state of the art ultra-light camouflage material, and will resist snags on uniform articles, as well as brush. The D-2 comes in the most popular camouflage patterns.

Military/Police Supplement

The D-2 Stalker Police System gives an additional option not available with the hunting system, the Prone or Low Crawl configuration. This configuration allows the officer to move along close to the ground while concealed without having material underneath him/her. It also keeps the material on top of the user by means of additional straps.

Remove the system from the user, and spread the unrolled material out as a sheet. Attach the straps to the opposing rings on the middle of the cut of the unit in order to connect the two legs together to form a sheet.  
Use the rope attachments at each corner of the unit to connect the blind to the surrounding trees or vegetation.  
Using The System As A Blind
Camouflage Patterns Available


S.W.A.T. (Cover Photo) "Cold Weather Sniper Operations"

"It is lightweight, easy to use, and comes in a variety of patterns to match your surroundings. As you can see in the photos, it is an incredibly effective piece of gear."


Law Enforcement Technology "Sniper Concealment Garment- Blending In"

"The full body coverage by this camouflage easily breaks up the form and conceals the sniper."


S.W.A.T. "The D-2 Stalker Suit: A Ghillie In A Can"

"And although equipment is never a substitute for skill and experience, some items can help immensely. The D-2 Stalker is one such item.


COMMAND Tactical Police Officers Quarterly "The D-II Camouflage System"

"After a thorough going over, we have concluded that the D-II is a comfortable, convenient, and versatile piece of equipment that will enhance the sniper's capabilities and safety in the field.


The Tactical Edge "The D-II, Something To Live With"

"The old Ghillie suit, although providing excellent camouflage, has numerous problems, especially on extended call-outs or operations. On a hot day, it was unbelievably hot, making snipers pray for cool weather or rain. When it rained, the Ghillie suit felt like it had gained considerable weight (it had), and assumed the ability to chaff areas of the body best left alone and in their natural state. Even the best made suit would snag on roots and branches gives the slightest opportunity. I have heard more than a few snipers cursing their suits and their luck, wondering why a lightweight, breathable, non snagging Ghillie suit was not possible. In my opinion, it's here in the D-2 Stalker."

Tactics For Law Enforcement & Security "Cold Weather Sniper"

To use it, you must unzip the fanny pack and the suit drops down and fastens around each leg. The top pulls up from the waste over your head. It is lightweight, easy to use, and comes in a variety of patterns to match your surroundings. It is an incredibly effective piece of gear."

American Hunter "Great New Waterfowling Gear" "D-2 Stalker"

"This is truly a high tech camo system for waterfowlers who like the idea of wearing their blind on their backs."

Tactical Edge "Innovative Products" "New Line Of Camouflage: The D-2 Stalker"

"The D-2 Camouflage allows for complete range of motion, and a full range of load bearing capabilities."

Tactical Edge "Innovative Products" "New Line Of Camouflage: The D-2 Stalker"

"The D-2 Camouflage allows for complete range of motion, and a full range of load bearing capabilities."

Bow Masters Magazine Special Bear Hunting Issue

"A Complete 3-in-1 Camo System"

Mossy Oak's Hunting The Country Premier Issue, Camouflaged Hunting Gear Section

"In addition to being used as a camouflage garment, the Stalker can be set up as a 6x9 foot ground blind. The unique design and cut of the pattern enables such multiple uses."

The Varmint Hunter Magazine "The D-2 Stalker Camouflage System"

"..the D-2 Stalker weighs approximately two pounds, and the hunter is camouflaged in less than two minutes regardless of clothing worn underneath."

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